Cupid’s Bow Experience Guide

Welcome to the Winter Evening Experience box guide

Hello lovers, and thank you for purchasing our Cupid’s Bow Experience – you are almost ready to get your evening going with some scintillating passions from Dutch Courage.

The following are suggestions on how to serve your drinks at home for the best experience. They are not the only way – feel free to experiment! And please drop us a message on social media to let us know how you enjoyed yours.

There is also the option to follow our video guide to make the most of your Cupid’s Mark cocktail. 

Cupid's Shot - to whet your appetite

Recommended glassware: shot glass.

Chill the 50ml bottle of Cupid’s Shot in your fridge before pouring neat into a shot glass (25ml). Sip demurely or consume in one.

You should get at least two servings from the bottle.

Cupid's Arrow - to turn up the anticipation

Recommended glassware: highball

The Martins de Sa can be kept in the fridge so chill and then pour over ice into a highball glass.

Garnish on top with a lemon wheel.

Share with a significant other.

Cupid's Mark - the wait is over

Recommended glassware: martini or coupe

For the perfect serving use our video guide below. This will show you how to prepare your glass and create the foam effect for the best balance between velvety smoothness and cheeky passion. Live your wildest fantasies and drink this one however your whims demand.

You should get at least two servings from the bottle.

Lindor Chocolates

We wanted this to be a fully sensuous experience so plunge deeper into the sweet treats of the Cupid’s bow experience with Lindor – designed so the centre melts perfectly on your tongue. 

Cupid's Mark - the video guide

Preparing the glass: rim your glass with sweet sugar syrup or run honey. Then dip the rim in the popping candy provided.

Making the foam: You can use foaming bitters or egg white. Small cartons of egg white is readily available in many supermarkets. Making the foam will require the use of a shaker.